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Osa Peninsula

Osa Overview

The Osa Peninsula occupies much of the south pacific region of Costa Rica lowland rainforest, mountainous coastlines and isolated beaches.   This is a rustic area, and first class accommodations can be hard to find, but for those seeking a true nature adventure, the Osa Peninsula is a wonderland waiting to be explored.  80% of the Osa Peninsula is protected within the Corcovado N.P. which offers travelers the opportunity to  witness staggering amounts of wildlife, including tapirs, jaguars, macaws, toucans, Harpy eagles, squirrel monkeys and more.


Cabo Matapalo is an area of lush vegetation, abundant bird species, and as off the beaten path as you will find.  The best way to reach these untouched beaches is with a 4WD vehicle from Puerto Jimenez.  Great remote surf spot.

Drake Bay/Cano Island Reserve

Drake Bay is located at the northern tip of the peninsula, and is the closest point to reach the Cano Island Reserve, just 12kms out by boat.  The reserve is renowned for its scuba diving, and while 85% of the reserve is protected from tourists, those taking the trip can see ancient artifacts from the Pre-Columbian Diquis tribe.

Puerto Jimenez

Once nothing more than a few stilted houses placed over the mangrove swamp, this town was transformed by logging and by the goldrush of the 1960s.  It wil be difficult to resist the pull of the jungle, just beyond, but Puerto Jimenez is a great stop to replenish supplies, have a shot of guaro, and share adventure tales with locals and other travelers.

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